What is a BoatPack?

Similar to a SUP board, the BoatPack is an inflatable surfboard-like board (double hull form) that allows you to stand or sit on the water. The 2 floating bodies are connected via a foldable aluminum frame and 2 seats can be mounted on the frame. Due to the low weight and the small pack size, you can transport the complete boatpack in a backpack or trolley. The BoatPack is powered by a paddle, sail or electric motor. And everything is stored in the backpack - that you can place in the trunk of your car

what are the differences and similarities of a SUP board and a BoatPack?

What they have in common is the DropStitch material, as well as the small pack size and weight.

A SUP board usually has only one buoyancy chamber and consists only of a boat hull, while the boatpack is a catamaran. This makes it more stable and faster on the water. In addition, a boatpack has one or 2 comfortable and padded seats. Less water resistance means more efficiency, i.e. a lower drive power is sufficient for the same speed. In addition, due to its low center of gravity, the BoatPack is much more resistant against wind or waves.

Is a BoatPack a better alternative than a SUP board?

This question is not so easy to answer - a SUP ischeaper, a little lighter and slightly faster to set up. On the other hand, the BoatPack is much more stable and efficient due to the catamaran design, and due to the comfortable seats it is also better suited for gliding relaxed over the water. The single version is very good on the go, two people sit comfortably next to each other and this means that nobody's view is blocked. In addition, two people can paddle perfectly synchronously, which, thanks to the catamaran design, represents a very efficient and fast movement (easily approx. 5-10kmh, and that without an electric motor).

what is the assembly time for a BoatPack and what tools do you need?

The assembly time, if you are alone, is about 10 minutes. You do not need any tools - skrewdrivers.. etc. You can inflate the hulls either with a hand pump or with an electric 12V pump. For the very first set-up, you should plan about 15 minutes. If you set it up with two people, the set-up time can be reduced by 50%.

Are the seats of the BoatPack ajustable?

Yes, the seat can be moved back and forth on the center bar and the angle can also be adjusted. You can either sit more upright or lean back and relax and enjoy the day. The BoatPack Duo has 2 seats next to each other with enough shoulder room even for tall people. Interesting for anglers, for example, you can mount a seat offset by 180 degrees, so that 2 anglers can cast their rods much more comfortably, you sit back to back, so to speak, offset.

Are there different sizes of the BoatPack?

There are currently 2 versions that differ in terms of load capacity and weight. The one-seater version, ideal for a heavy person or 2 light people, can be loaded up to approx. 135 kg. Due to the lower weight of the slightly lower floats, the single-seat version can be packed particularly small and is approx. 1.5kg lighter than the 2-seat version.

The two-seater BoatPack Explorer "DUO" can carry up to 230 kg. The slightly taller floats are approximately 1.5kg heavier than the floats of the single seater version.

How durable is a BoatPack?

The durability is similar to the SUP boards. Due to the good manufacturing quality, the floats last for many years with appropriate handling (do not kink hoses, do not store in the sun) and all frame parts can be easily replaced.

why is the motor of the e-motor version in the front located?

Only on a catamaran can you place the engine in the front center, which offers a number of key advantages.

you can sit facing forward and steer comfortably directly in front of you. You don't sit uncomfortably "on the side" like in a rubber dinghy or have to "dislocate backwards" to steer.

In addition, you can easily adjust the height of the motor directly in front of you (depending on the depth of the water).

In addition, you always have a good view of the battery status and don't have to "turn around" for this.

Especially the design with the engine at the front is a decisive advantage of the BoatPack compared to classic inflatable boats in terms of driving comfort.